Ted Talk


The past couple of weeks my la class has been working on a new project. That project was a Ted talk! I picked the topic I wanted to talk about and I chose my top three vacation spots. I thought really hard about what vacations I wanted to talk about. I ended up choosing Dubai, The Cayman Islands and St. John’s.


I did a little research of the places I would be talking about to find out their location and a little bit of history about each place. I also looked for maps of each place and cited my source. I started off by creating a slideshow and putting in my pictures. Then I needed pictures of me in the places so I airdropped them to my school iPad. Once my pictures were in the slideshow I made the slideshow look pretty. After my slideshow was laid out I started my script. Once I was done with my script I practiced a lot then I was finally ready to present.


I waited patiently for my turn to present my slideshow. Once it was my turn I screen shared my slideshow on the screen and began presenting my slideshow. I was a little bit nervous but I thought it was going to be a lot worse than it was.


Overall, this was a super fun project and a fun experience for me. Next time I present I’m going to work on not laughing next time. I hope you enjoyed my blog post.


The Biggest Loser

The last month or so my class has been reading The Westing Game. In the book one of the characters named Turtle Wexler invested in a stock so in my class we invested in a stock. On the first day we set up our spreadsheet so when we checked our stocks we had somewhere to mark our findings. Then we invested in our stocks with fake money. I invested in Lululemon, Ulta, Target and Starbucks. At first my stocks were doing well but then all of my stocks started dropping! In the end I had lost $3086! I ended up being the biggest loser in my class and won a prize. This was my favorite project we did in 6th grade and I learned to not just invest in brands I liked.


The Last Cuentista

In Language Art class we recently read a book called The Last Cuentista. In The Last Cuentista the main character Petra likes to tell stories just like her grandmother. Petra’s stories are called cuentos. In her cuentos, she usually tells tales and other short stories. Petra inspired me and my classmates to write are own cuento. My cuento was about my mom.

In The Last Cuentista Petra is part of the collective who are trying to start a better life on a planet called Sagan. I wrote what my ideal world would be like. Everyone has different views on the world so it was fun to see other people’s ideal worlds compared to mine.

My school has been lucky enough to have Peg Gignoux come to our school to help us create our own handmade books! The project took about two weeks to complete. On the first day, we started by experimenting with Akua ink printing with leaves and other plants. We would need the leaves later when we built our book. On the next day, we picked out the color we wanted our books to be. I picked pink. We built out books by folding the paper until it formed a book. Then we started cutting out the leaves we made earlier and collaging it all over our book. I went for a pink and orange theme. After we collaged, we cut out an opening for the scenery in our book!

That penultimate step was making a cover page. We cut out the letters for our title and glued them on. Finally, we glued in our ideal world blog post and our cuento and finally our book was done.

The Last Cuentista was a very good book that I recommended so much that lead to so many fun blog posts and projects!



Art is one of my favorite classes. Something I enjoyed in art was the metamorphosis project. The metamorphosis project is when we took everyday objects and transformed them into an animal or vice versa. When I get to art class we do something called a selfie a day which is were we take a picture of ourselves everyday until our last day of art. Art is a super fun class and I really enjoyed it and will be taking it in 7th grade.



Planet Sloane



Welcome to Planet Sloane! Planet Sloane looks just like earth except the oceans are light blue and the trees are sage green. Planet Sloane is the same distance from the sun as earth but on the other side. The sky is blue, and when it rains the sky is a darker blue and the rain is pink. There is usually sunny weather on Planet Sloane, and there are thunderstorms rarely. All of the animals on Planet Sloane are the same except for a two new species one is called the Pinkophia which is a pink dog mixed with a bunny. The other is called the SophQuinnia which is a dolphin mixed with a duck. 

On Planet Sloane there is a president and a Vice President. Money is the same as it is in the US, but the currency is called Slays. It is is pink and gold with bedazzled letters. All of the restaurants are the same except for a new restaurant called the Woodard. The WahidWoodard serves burzas which is a burger pizza. 

The houses on Planet Sloane come in three sizes: small, average and large. The small house cost 10 slays which is equivalent to $300,000 US dollars. The average house cost 25 slays which is equivalent to $1,000,000 US dollars. The large house cost 50 slays which is equivalent to $10,000,000,000 US dollars. In order to get slays you have to be kind and do community service.

The people on Planet Sloane are all black. Everyone is black so there is no racism and if there is no racism then everyone is happy. There is also no sexism so that everyone can live in peace, joy, and harmony. Everything is fair and there is no segregation.

On Planet Sloane there are many beaches. On the beaches the sand is white. There are different sections; the sections are young, middle, and grown. These sections are to keep everyone safe so they get progressively deeper. The beaches are gorgeous with no pollution and the turtles like to say hi to tourists.

On Planet Sloane when you dream you choose your reality. There are no nightmares. If you had a bad day, rewrite it in your dream. Want to be a doctor, do it in your dreams. Dreams for people are an escape from reality. You get to do what you’d like. No pressure. No fear. Dreams aren’t something you should dread, they should be something you look forward to. If you have a nightmare since you choose your dreams, rewriting the ending makes it not as bad a dream.

Planet Sloane is everything you can dream of and more. Everything is more modern than earth. Have you ever found yourself wondering when, what, and why? Planet Sloane has all the answers. This is where your dreams come true. This is where you change your life. This is Planet Sloane.


Field Trip

Last week the class of 2029 went on a field trip to the Museum of Natural Science. It was a super fun but educational trip at the same time. On Friday January 27th I got ready for school and hopped in the car. When I got to school my grade went to advisory then went to Mr Lovett’s room to have an assembly about the rules for the field trip. After that we got on the bus and took the 45 ish minute drive to the Museum. When we got there we gave our advisors our lunch and that’s when the fun began.

 We got put into groups by advisory. My advisory was put with the Lovett advisory. The first thing we did was we went to see the RACE exhibit and filled out a reflection form. I thought the RACE exhibit was cool because it was very colorful. After we went to the race exhibit we went to the living conservatory but it was closed so we weren’t able to go in it. We explored all over the museum but my favorite part was the bridge across time.

Overall, this trip was a great experience and an amazing way to spend Friday. I enjoyed this trip because I have never been to that museum before so it was nice to see something new.


Window or Mirror?

I’ve been reading a mystery book called A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson. This book is about a girl named Pip who tries to solve a murder mystery. This book is more of a window and a mirror for me because even though I can’t relate to solving a murder mystery, I do enjoy solving my own mysteries. I usually read books that are windows because I personally like to be in someone else’s shoes rather than my own. I find this more entertaining because it is more fun to experience something in different perspectives than my own.

A window book is a book that you are reading from someone else’s prospective like being in someone else’s shoes. A mirror book is a book that you relate to.


Soccer Tournament

Last weekend I had a soccer tournament. It was so much fun. On Saturday I woke up early and put on my soccer uniform. I had a game at 7. I got in the car and turned on my soccer playlist to get my energy up. When I arrived at the field I saw my coach. I went on the field and met my team. We started our line warm where we do stretches in a line.


When it was time for the game to start I was playing left wing. When the whistle blew my teammate passed me the ball and I dribbled up the field and passed the ball to my teammate Kenna she dribbled up and scored. There was also a goal where the defender scored on herself. This game was extra hard because it was our first time playing on grass (we usually play on turf). We won the game 3-1.


After the game we went to Panera. I got a bear claw. After breakfast our team went to a park until our second  game. We lost our second game 1-0. After our second game our team went to Chipotle. Even though our team lost the second game we still went to the semi finals. The next day I woke up and got ready for my game. Our team was hyped up and ready to win. We huddled up and did our cheer and the game began. We won our semi final 2-1 and we made it to the finals! Our team went to Starbucks before the final. We lost the final and got second place. 


Overall, the tournament was such a great experience and I’m so excited for my next one!.


Wisdom Tale Project

Over the past two weeks me and my friend Quinn were working on our wisdom tale project. The project was picking a story and presenting it in different ways. Quinn and I chose to do a rap. The story we picked was Old Dog And Coyote. Old Dog And Coyote is about an old dog and coyote. One day the old dog made a mistake and his owner kicked him out. The coyote jumped over a cactus and got thorns all over him. The dog felt bad so he used his mouth to pick out the thorns. The coyote and the dog came up with a plan so the owner could see his dog’s worth. The plan worked and the coyote and the dog are now friends.


To make our rap Quinn and I made a beat on GarageBand and wrote the lyrics. These are the lyrics: 


This is a song about a story 

The story is Old Dog and Coyote

The old watchdog made a mistake

And his owner got mad and raged

He kicked the old watchdog out

This story also has a coyote

Who tried to jump over a plant that was thorny

The coyote fell, and he was in lots of pain

The dog helped and used his brain


Chorus (Both)

This is a song about a story

A story about an Old Dog and a Coyote

They soon become best friends

And help each other until the end



He felt so bad he picked out the thorns

And so the old watch dog was suddenly adored

Because he was useless he stomach growled with hunger

So the coyote devised a plan 

Sneak into the coup and scare the chickens

Their act continued until the watchdog died

But the dog got fed and lived a good life


Chorus (Both)

This is a song about a story

A story about an Old Dog and a Coyote

They soon become best friends

And help each other until the end


After we wrote the lyrics we recorded our song and showed it to the class. This project has been so fun and I’m proud of how it turned out.